Seperated from the continent by the Hormug Straits, the Shadowed Isles lie scattered as if the gods themselves cared little for their discarded playthings. But various ruins dot the islands; testament to a forgone race and culture unknown to the scholars of the modern day.

Fortunately for said scholars, their home and their work are close to one another. They have the Empire to thank for this, for many years ago, the Emperor evicted the College Arcanum from his lands, and several years of wandering, the Arcanum found the ruins and a convergence of elemental forces at its heart. Naming the new settlement Libram, the College brought together the many nomadic groups and began studying their new home.

Today, the City of Libram is one of the few humanicentric cities free of the control of the Empire. The many libraries found within the city draw intellectuals from around the world, for collectively, there is no better source of knowledge anywhere. In addition, scholars pay dearly for artifacts and knowledge from the depths of the local ruins, drawing adventurer’s in to become rich and famous. Finally, the College itself serves to train and focus the greatest minds to be found anywhere, and jealousies arise daily, creating an air of tension through games of power and intrigue.

Welcome to Libram and good luck.

Libram, City of destiny is a Pathfinder RPG campaign in development. Many third party resources will be used in the development of this campaign, for while I like coming up with many details, I stand on the shoulders of many authors and game designers. Sources, as I use them, will be noted on the linked page above.

Libram, City of Destiny

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